We had a great day at my mom’s house for Easter Sunday Brunch. Here’s a few pictures from the day!

Ashtyn is overwhelmed by all the new toys she got and daddy is going to try and take an hour nap before heading into work tonight.

I’ll write a better update later. I hope you guys all had a wonderful day with your families.

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    Hands down the cutest baby in the world and the perfect family. I can only hope that I have this one day. :)
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  5. scienceismypassion said: She can stand?! Oh my goodness! Can she walk yet? Lindy is so beautiful!! :)
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  8. thesunandhershine said: Lindy is exceptionally beautiful! Their happiness just pours off them. So cute!
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    Ashtyn is officially the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! xx