My uncensored journey through fatherhood: laugh with me and at me as I try and figure out how to construct a family.

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Ashtyn Arrived on July 11th, 2012

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Well, I am way overdue on an introduction to all of you new supporters. So, here it goes:

What you need to know:

The purpose of this blog is to document my journey as a young first time father to a beautiful baby girl named Ashtyn Noelle. If you have been with me awhile you know that this blog knew about my wife’s pregnancy before our family members. You’ve seen us practice diaper changes on zombie stuffed animals, you’ve watched us laugh and struggle, and you’ve seen two people in love lay the foundation for a beautiful family.

I work in the Law Enforcement profession and my wife Lindy is a High School English Teacher. We’re here to immortalize memories, make friends, offer advice and support, and to learn.

You can expect pretty pictures, funny stories about poop, an uncensored look into the life of young parenthood, and no drama or reblogs.

Stick around for awhile and I promise you will smile.

Still here?

Don’t be a stranger.

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