Our Easter Sunday :) Now this very tired dad is going to try and squeeze in 2 hours of sleep before my night shift tonight.

Easter Family Selfie :P

My little artist :)

Tummy tickle time before bed tonight :)

I spent almost 10 hours today wearing 20 pounds of equipment, kicking doors, running, fighting, shooting, and training - so excuse my tired state and laziness as I write this post.

Ashtyn has such a personality these days. Two things about her that constantly amaze me: 1) how much she matures each day 2) how she won’t stop getting prettier. 

Some things she has been doing recently: She won’t stop dancing! She loves to squat (because Lindy does workout videos with her) - and she goes on these rampages where she makes everyone in the room do squats with her. She does these “elbow kisses” where she holds her elbow up and wants you to touch your elbow to hers so she can make a kissing noise. She still loves Frozen and Cinderella - during Frozen she demands to wear her crown (like Elsa) and she wears socks as “gloves” (also like Elsa). She has been sleeping with her Olaf doll. During the day she likes to take out all of her stuffed animals and put them to sleep by rounding up every blanket and pillow in the house and tucking all of them in (it’s super cute). When we brush our teeth, she has to brush hers simultaneously. When we blow dry our hair, she has to blow dry her hair with her battery operated Minnie Mouse blow dryer. She’s obsessed with her Honest Diapers and demands to pick out the diaper that she is going to wear (right now she is digging the giraffe!).

Ohhh, AND She LOVES TO FART and then blame it on me or Lindy - and when we call her out she takes the blame and laughs hysterically.

Sorry for the stream of consciousness, I’m tired and dehydrated. Don’t mind me, I’m gonna go pass out!

Bahahahahahaahaha - splash mountain puts me to sleep and Lindy needs a diaper.

Previous point proved.

Motherhood hasn’t made Lindy tougher :)

Lindy and I are on a baby free date at Disneyland today!

Shhhh. Don’t tell Ashtyn :)


Lindy is on Spring Break from work and we wanted to start the week off right with a visit to the flower fields. Ashtyn loved smelling all the flowers and playing in the dirt :)

And of course I brought my camera…

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Flower Fields Forever

Lindy and Ashtyn - the full set :)